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Issue 029: The Exploration issue

Issue 029: The Exploration issue


It’s 2013 and there is no off the grid. Inside the Exploration Issue of GOOD:

- Remembering the Eckhart Tolle before his bubble burst
- Traipsing through the bone-ridden catacombs of Paris
- Living lefty yet learning to love the gun
- Meeting the nomads who give a damn
- Photographing the preposterous beauty of a planet scarred by climate change
- Chronicling the curious cross section of filmmakers, futurists, artists, and entrepreneurs gazing towards outer space as the next frontier

- A thought experiment on establishing a healthier relationship with your past from award-winning filmmaker Scott Thrift
- Tips on how to find your own underground tunnels from one of the world's most notorious "urban explorers"
- A primer for starting your own political party
- A challenge from media activist Sean Bonner to collect experiences, not stuff
- A DIY project for capturing the earth from above from underwater innovator Eric Stackpole
- A creative collaboration led by trans-media guru Lance Weiler that shares wishes for the future

And while you're at it, here are some of the items you may want nearby while enjoying this edition of GOOD: shovel, compass, historic map of your neighborhood, broomstick, flashlight, webcam, clipboard.

  • Image of Issue 029: The Exploration issue
  • Image of Issue 029: The Exploration issue
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